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Target group recruitment
The recruitment of appropriate respondents determines the quality of the results. KONZEPTE therefore scrutinizes all respondents according to defined standards.

KONZEPTE - For significant results

For KONZEPTE, the recruitment of appropriate respondents is of particular importance. We are convinced that accurate compliance with the relevant target group characteristics and the verification of the general eligibility of the units of analysis are the crucial factors in ensuring the reliability and validity of results. Through its 30-year history, Konzepte has developed a particular expertise in target group recruitment - always quick, accurate and reliable.

With their long-term commitment to the company, our trained telephone recruiters have the know-how to identify the favoured target groups accurately, scheduling the right conversational partner even when the project requirements are difficult or even beyond the scope of our database.

The recruitment and coordination of interviews and focus groups is controlled centrally. A contact person will be at your disposal throughout the whole project, to assist you from beginning to end.