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Primary data collection and analysis
KONZEPTE is an expert in the collection of representative primary data and providing comprehendible and meaningful preparation and presentation of the results obtained.

As you like it - ASCII, EXCEL, SPSS

KONZEPTE is a professional partner when it comes to collecting primary data. We conduct data collection according to your quota plans but also on the basis of your questionnaires. The raw data can be delivered to you in any required format. Depending on the data material and the problem, we use descriptive and inferential statistical methods, such as:

  • cross tabulations of frequencies, average values, percentages
  • distributions and distribution parameters
  • statistical tests/procedures/analysis
We produce the results for you in form of:
  • raw data in the required format (ASCII, EXCEL, SPSS)
  • tabulated presentation of results
  • presentation charts
  • Top-Line results
  • Comprehensive reports
  • PowerPoint presentations