Infos für Testpersonen
The results of research are only as good as the questions they are based on, so we develop a customized concept for each individual problem.

Adequate research design is the foundation of meaningful data. Together with you, the client, we develop the research questions, define the basic conditions and set the goals, so that you always get the right answers to the right questions.

In order to get the relevant answers, we draw on a variety of tools of both quantitative and qualitative market research, including...

Our services Our methods
  • advertising effectiveness tests
  • product tests
  • tasting tests
  • packaging tests
  • website reviews
  • concept tests
  • product monitoring
  • target group analysis
  • identification of potential target groups
  • product development via Conjoint Measurement
  • optimization of product positioning
  • consumer typologies
  • image analysis
  • focus groups
  • workshops
  • psychological in-depth interviews
  • car clinics
  • structured/semi-structured guideline interviews
  • standardized or semi-standardized face-to-face interviews
  • CAPI/CATI/WAPI-interviews
  • Conjoint Measurement
  • POS interviews
  • in-home interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Mystery Visits